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Stone Items

Pair of Large English Garden Stone Obelisk or Pyramid Copings (Individually Priced)
$2,495 / item
H 25 in. x W 11 in. x D 11 in.
Inventory No: W0317
Pair of English Garden Stone Urns in the Classical Style (Individually Priced)
$2,495 / item
H 26 in. x Diameter 17.5 in.
Inventory No: W0316
Pair of English Garden Stone Urns or Planters on Plinths (Individually Priced)
$2,495 / item
H 26 in. x Diameter 23 in.
Inventory No: V2029
Large English Garden Stone Statue of Apollo with Dog
H 63.5 in. x W 24 in. x D 18 in.
Inventory No: Q2005
Pair of French Round Garden Stone Planters (Individually Priced)
$2,295 / item
H 17.5 in. x Diameter 17.75 in.
Inventory No: W0517
Faux Bois Garden Stone Set, Table and Four Stools
H 21 in. x W 30 in. x D 30 in.
Inventory No: V2405
English Garden Statue of a Maiden - of Terra Cotta
H 34 in. x W 12 in. x D 11 in.
Inventory No: K0653
English Garden Stone Basket or Bouquet of Fruit
H 19 in. x W 18 in. x D 18 in.
Inventory No: Q0279
Large English Garden Stone Finial
$1,895 / item
H 24 in. x Diameter 14 in.
Inventory No: V2019
Large English Decorative Garden Stone Stand
H 39.75 in. x Diameter 33.75 in.
Inventory No: X0159
English Garden Stone Bird Bath in the Classical Style
H 27 in. x W 16 in. x D 16 in.
Inventory No: X0221
English Sandstone Bird Baths for the Garden (Individually Priced)
$2,895 / item
H 33.25 in. x W 15 in. x D 15 in.
Inventory No: W1042
English Garden Stone Coping Balls (Individually Priced)
$2,495 / item
H 23 in. x Diameter 13 in.
Inventory No: W0116
English Garden Stone Pedestals or Planter Plinths 'Individually Priced'
$3,895 / item
H 32 in. x W 26.25 in. x D 15.75 in.
Inventory No: W1196
Four Large Round English Garden Stone Low Planters (Individually Priced)
$2,895 / item
H 10 in. x Diameter 31.5 in.
Inventory No: W1002
Garden Stone Scottish Terrier or Scottie Dogs (Individually Priced)
$1,895 / item
H 15 in. x W 18 in. x D 8.25 in.
Inventory No: Z2062
Large Rectangular English Garden Stone Pedestal Trough or Planter
H 14 in. x W 24 in. x D 14 in.
Inventory No: W1084
French Round Garden Stone Planters or Urns (Individually Priced)
$1,895 / item
H 16 in. x Diameter 16 in.
Inventory No: W0518
Large English Curved Garden Stone Bench or Seat with Lion and Scroll Base (59 inches)
H 17.5 in. x W 59 in. x D 15.5 in.
Inventory No: W0115
English Garden Stone Octagonal Column or Pedestal Plinths (Individually Priced)
$1,495 / item
H 19 in. x W 13.5 in. x D 13.5 in.
Inventory No: X1090
Large English Conical Garden Stone Urns or Planters (Individually Priced)
$2,695 / item
H 12 in. x Diameter 24 in.
Inventory No: Z2000
English Garden Stone Cotswold Pots or Planters (Individually Priced)
$1,095 / item
H 8 in. x W 10.13 in. x D 10.13 in.
Inventory No: W1230
English Garden Stone Planter or Urn with Relief of Grapes
H 15.5 in. x Diameter 17 in.
Inventory No: X1544
Pair of Large English Garden Stone Faux Bois Log Planters (Individually Priced)
$2,895 / item
H 9.75 in. x W 40.75 in. x D 14.75 in.
Inventory No: W0516
English Garden Stone Faux Bois Log Planters (Individually Priced)
$1,495 / item
H 6 in. x W 25.25 in. x D 11 in.
Inventory No: W0027
Large English Garden Stone Urn or Planter on Raised Base
H 24.5 in. x Diameter 25 in.
Inventory No: Z2246
Large Italian Marble Urns on Pedestals - Two Available - 'Individually Priced'
$9,850 / item
H 16 in. x Diameter 27 in.
Inventory No: Z2357A
Faux Bois Garden Stone Large Jardinière Pot or Planter
H 21.5 in. x Diameter 17 in.
Inventory No: W0040
Pair of Biarritz Garden Urns or Planters with Pebble Inlay 'Individually Priced'
$1,895 / item
H 17 in. x Diameter 20 in.
Inventory No: Z5038
Pair of Large Italian Garden Stone Chairs - Individually Priced
$2,695 / item
H 34.75 in. x W 20.5 in. x D 22.5 in.
Inventory No: Z5083
English Carved Garden Stone Bird Bath
H 24 in. x W 12.5 in. x D 12 in.
Inventory No: Z5211
English Garden Stone Octagonal Planter on Pedestal Stand in the Gothic Style
H 37 in. x W 25 in. x D 25 in.
Inventory No: Z2367
Large Round English Garden Stone Planter or Urn on Square Plinth
H 39.25 in. x Diameter 34.25 in.
Inventory No: Z5050
Large English Garden Stone Planter or Urn on Plinth or Pedestal
H 49 in. x Diameter 28 in.
Inventory No: Z2353
English Garden Stone Statue of a Badger
H 7.5 in. x W 23 in. x D 7.5 in.
Inventory No: X1503
Italian Wall Fountain of Carved Siena Marble with Bacchus or Dionysus Relief
$9,850 / item
H 56.25 in. x W 26.5 in. x D 16.75 in.
Inventory No: AA270
Large English Garden Stone Owl Statues with Glass Eyes 'Individually Priced'
$1,995 / item
H 16 in. x W 9.5 in. x D 5.5 in.
Inventory No: Q2015
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English Garden Urn on Plinth of Terra Cotta
H 37 in. x Diameter 26.25 in.
Inventory No: M0345
Large Biot Garden Urn or Oil Jar from France
H 30 in. x Diameter 19 in.
Inventory No: W0031
English Garden Urns of Cast Iron with Pewter Finish - 'Individually Priced'
$1,495 / item
H 20 in. x Diameter 16 in.
Inventory No: P2063
French Garden Urn or Planter of Cast Iron in the Classical Style (H 21 1/4 x Dia 18 1/4)
H 21.25 in. x Diameter 18.25 in.
Inventory No: No #