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Collectibles and Decorative Objects

Scottish Bo'ness Cats with Glass Eyes (Priced as a Pair)
H 12 in. x W 9 in. x D 5 in.
Inventory No: G0298
Set of Eight Large Wild Turkey Decanters
H 13 in. x W 11.25 in. x D 6 in.
Inventory No: TTT
English Transferware Large Turkey Platter, Native American by Johnson Brothers
H 1.5 in. x W 20.25 in. x D 15.75 in.
Inventory No: TTT - Native American
Set of Eight Mini Wild Turkey Decanters
H 5.75 in. x W 5 in. x D 3 in.
Inventory No: TTT-2
English Transferware Large Turkey Platter, Flying Turkeys by Johnson Brothers
H 1.5 in. x W 20.75 in. x D 16 in.
Inventory No: TTT - Flying Turkeys
English Transferware Large Turkey Platter, Barnyard King by Johnson Brothers
H 1.5 in. x W 20.5 in. x D 16 in.
Inventory No: TTT - Barnyard King
19th Century English Staffordshire Lions with Lambs (Priced as a Pair)
H 6.75 in. x W 5 in. x D 2.25 in.
Inventory No: V2160
French Tantalus Drinks Set of Gilt Bronze
H 12 in. x W 16 in. x D 11 in.
Inventory No: T2070
Pair of Orrefors Crystal Decanters by Nils Landberg (Individually Priced)
$1,295 / item
H 11 in. x W 7.5 in. x D 7.5 in.
Inventory No: X1258
Large English Recumbent Lion of Glazed Stoneware
H 18.5 in. x W 30.5 in. x D 10 in.
Inventory No: M1034
French Jug or Plongeon
H 11.5 in. x Diameter 9 in.
Inventory No: T3407
Winston Churchill Character Jug by Royal Doulton
H 6 in. x Diameter 6.75 in.
Inventory No: CCC
English Ironstone Tureen with Lid and Under-Tray from the Early 19th Century
H 11 in. x W 14 in. x D 10.25 in.
Inventory No: T3433
French Bronze Deer Statue
H 9 in. x W 8.25 in. x D 3.75 in.
Inventory No: W0039
Sikes Hydrometer by Riddels Limited, Belfast
H 2.75 in. x W 8 in. x D 4 in.
Inventory No: M0977
Surveyor's Level or Theodolite by W.F. Stanley, London, in Original Fitted Box
H 5.75 in. x W 12.25 in. x D 3 in.
Inventory No: X0205A
German Luftwaffe Pilot's Helmet and Goggles
H 10 in. x W 8 in. x D 8 in.
Inventory No: T3529
English Hexagonal Tea Caddy of Satinwood, circa 1790
H 4.75 in. x W 4.75 in. x D 4.75 in.
Inventory No: T5407
Liverpool Delft Charger
H 1.5 in. x Diameter 13.25 in.
Inventory No: V0043
Princess Mary Box, WWI Era, Christmas, 1914
H 1 in. x W 5 in. x D 3.5 in.
Inventory No: Z5233
Large Brass Library Telescope on Folding Tripod Base from Scotland
H 20 in. x W 41 in. x D 3 in.
Inventory No: Q0056
Torchère Pedestal Stand of Turned Mahogany from England (H 57)
H 57 in. x Diameter 14 in.
Inventory No: W1295
English Tractor Seat Stool or Swivel Chair
H 21.5 in. x W 16.5 in. x D 13 in.
Inventory No: V2113
French Silver Bowl or Tureen with Lid and Ladle
H 8 in. x Diameter 8 in.
Inventory No: Q0165
Regency Floor-Standing Candleholder or Candelabra of Brass from England
H 52 in. x Diameter 13 in.
Inventory No: X0119
Large Greek Garden Urn or Oil Jar
H 33.25 in. x Diameter 26 in.
Inventory No: W1082 (b)
English Bamboo Canterbury Music Rack or Magazine Stand
H 32 in. x W 18 in. x D 13.25 in.
Inventory No: W0515
Large English Copper Urn or Bin with Hinged Lid (H 29 1/2)
H 29.5 in. x Diameter 28.5 in.
Inventory No: W0102
English Artist's Gallery Display or Studio Easel of Turned Mahogany
H 77.5 in. x W 21.5 in. x D 20 in.
Inventory No: W0117
Sitting Yellow Lab Dog Figure by Beswick Pottery 'Fireside Model'
H 13.25 in. x W 10.5 in. x D 7 in.
Inventory No: CCC - Beswick Dog
French Velocipede or Child's Horse Tricycle from the 19th Century
H 32 in. x W 38.5 in. x D 23 in.
Inventory No: Q2497
Italian Drinks Cart Trolley or Bar Cart of Brass and Glass
H 28 in. x W 23.75 in. x D 18 in.
Inventory No: W1098
Midcentury Drinks Cart of Brass, Chrome, and Burled Wood by Willy Rizzo
H 28 in. x W 33 in. x D 21.75 in.
Inventory No: W4002
French Collapsible Drinks Cart of Acrylic
H 32.5 in. x W 27 in. x D 17 in.
Inventory No: X1255
French Rolling Drinks Cart of Bronzed Brass and Glass by Maison Charles
H 31.5 in. x W 32.5 in. x D 37.5 in.
Inventory No: Z2053
Faux Bamboo Display Easel of Turned Wood
H 62 in. x W 22.25 in. x D 26 in.
Inventory No: S0011
Arts & Crafts Period Vases by Royal Doulton, 'Priced as a Pair'
H 12.75 in. x Diameter 5 in.
Inventory No: W0434
Large Italian Majolica Ceramic Vegetable Tower or Topiary Centerpiece
H 37.75 in. x W 14.5 in. x D 11 in.
Inventory No: AA406
Italian Gilt Wall Sconce with Vine or Leaf Design
H 25.5 in. x W 15 in. x D 5 in.
Inventory No: Q2227
Italian Midcentury Rattan Cane and Bamboo Drinks Cart
H 34 in. x W 30 in. x D 20.5 in.
Inventory No: AA402
Large English Wine Compendium or Cellarette of Patinated Oak
H 22.25 in. x W 34.25 in. x D 23.75 in.
Inventory No: AA070
English Majolica Cherub Dish by Minton
H 6 in. x W 13.75 in. x D 10.25 in.
Inventory No: Z8007
Large Leather Model of an Elephant from England
H 41 in. x W 47 in. x D 28 in.
Inventory No: AA721
French Rolling Drinks Cart of Brass with Tinted Glass
H 28.5 in. x W 27.75 in. x D 16 in.
Inventory No: Z2358A
Art Deco Plateau Mirror or Mirrored Cake Stand from England
H 4 in. x W 19 in. x D 19 in.
Inventory No: AA683
Glazed Ceramic Jug or Jar with Four Handles from France
H 18.5 in. x Diameter 17 in.
Inventory No: AA655
English Gentleman's Valet Stand of Oak
H 52.25 in. x W 13.75 in. x D 18.38 in.
Inventory No: BB153
English Campaign Era Writing Box of Brass-Bound Mahogany
H 6.5 in. x W 20 in. x D 11 in.
Inventory No: Z5012
English Oilcan or Cannister of Steel and Brass by Braime
H 3 in. x W 10.25 in. x D 2.13 in.
Inventory No: W1164
Compound Microscope with Box and Key by R. Winkel, Göttingen, Nr. 18507
H 16 in. x W 7.5 in. x D 8.5 in.
Inventory No: BB040
French Art Deco Black Vase with Geometric Pattern in Silver - Two Available
H 14.5 in. x Diameter 8 in.
Inventory No: BB252
French Art Deco Elephant Figurine in the Cubist Style
H 7.5 in. x W 7 in. x D 3.75 in.
Inventory No: BB293
English Transfer-Ware Large Platter, His Majesty by Johnson Brothers
H 1.5 in. x W 20.5 in. x D 15.75 in.
Inventory No: TTT - His Majesty
English Collapsible Fishing Gaff of Brass, Copper and Steel
H 15.75 in. x W 3.25 in. x D 1.5 in.
Inventory No: AA790
Large Wm. Youngers Ales Stained Glass Pub Sign from Scotland
H 31.75 in. x W 81 in. x D 2 in.
Inventory No: BB567
Large Belgian Figurative Swan Planter or Vase
H 12 in. x W 15.75 in. x D 10.5 in.
Inventory No: AA615
English Garden Stone Trough or Planter with Cherub Relief
H 10 in. x W 21.75 in. x D 11 in.
Inventory No: BB649
Pub Sign "The Grove Tavern (Taylor Walker)"
H 45.5 in. x W 31.25 in. x D 1.5 in.
Inventory No: BB538 (2)
English Garden Stone Round Planters with Greek Key Design 'Individually Priced'
$1,495 / item
H 10.5 in. x Diameter 18.5 in.
Inventory No: BB647
Large English Garden Stone Urn or Planter on Plinth Base in the Classical Style
H 36.5 in. x Diameter 23.25 in.
Inventory No: BB524
Large French Salt Glazed Urn or Oil Jar from the 19th c.
H 24 in. x Diameter 22 in.
Inventory No: V2618
Large Glazed Earthenware Castelnaudary-Style Planter Pot from France (H 24 1/2)
H 24.5 in. x Diameter 25 in.
Inventory No: BB659
English Garden Stone Trough or Planter with Cherub Relief
H 9.5 in. x W 31 in. x D 11 in.
Inventory No: BB563 (b)
English Pub Sign, the Magdalen
H 42.5 in. x W 36.25 in. x D 2 in.
Inventory No: T0015
French Rococo Pocket Watch Holder or Display Stand of Gilt Bronze
H 6.75 in. x W 5.5 in. x D 2.25 in.
Inventory No: BB927
"The Second World War," by Winston Churchill
H 8.5 in. x W 10.25 in. x D 6 in.
Inventory No: CCC (b)
English Pub Sign - Squirrel
H 41 in. x W 31.25 in. x D 1.5 in.
Inventory No: CC063
"The Second World War," Chartwell Edition by Winston Churchill
H 9.5 in. x W 13.25 in. x D 6 in.
Inventory No: CCC1
Large French Bronze Spelter Figure of an Artist - After Mathurin Moreau
H 21.75 in. x W 10 in. x D 10.25 in.
Inventory No: CC212 (a)
Large French Bronze Spelter Figure of a Musician, after Mathurin Moreau
H 21.5 in. x W 10 in. x D 10.25 in.
Inventory No: CC212 (b)
Set of Six English Transfer-Ware Turkey Plates, His Majesty by Johnson Brothers
H 1.13 in. x Diameter 10.75 in.
Inventory No: TTT - His Majesty (2)
French Framed Oil Painting of Seaside Village by Maurice Barle
H 18.25 in. x W 36 in. x D 1.25 in.
Inventory No: W0033
English Silver Wine Bottle Holder
H 7 in. x W 7 in. x D 5.5 in.
Inventory No: Q2151
English Silver Champagne or Wine Bottle Holder
H 6.63 in. x W 6.25 in. x D 6 in.
Inventory No: Q0197
English Transferware Large Platter, Harvest Fruit Pattern by Johnson Brothers
H 1.5 in. x W 20.5 in. x D 16 in.
Inventory No: TTT - Harvest Fruit (3)
English Garden Stone Pedestals or Plinths with Grape Motif 'Sold Individually'
$1,895 / item
H 16.75 in. x W 13.25 in. x D 13.25 in.
Inventory No: CC237
English Wine Bottle Holder with Art Nouveau Floral Design
H 7 in. x W 6.5 in. x D 5.13 in.
Inventory No: CC739A
Royal Doulton Bowl and Vase from the Arts and Crafts Period
H 7.75 in. x Diameter 9 in.
Inventory No: W0196
Royal Doulton Grape Cluster Vases from the Arts and Crafts Period
$895 / item
H 12 in. x Diameter 5 in.
Inventory No: W0176
Pair of English Silver Candle Holders or Candlesticks
H 11.25 in. x Diameter 5.38 in.
Inventory No: R1052
Italian Flower Box or Planter of Painted Wood from the 19th c.
H 10.25 in. x W 17.75 in. x D 17.75 in.
Inventory No: CC728 (2)
English Shipwright's or Carpenter's Sash Fillister Plane by Atkin and Sons
H 6 in. x W 9.5 in. x D 9.25 in.
Inventory No: Q0250
English Art Deco Cocktail or Martini Shaker
H 8 in. x Diameter 3.75 in.
Inventory No: DD297
English Cocktail Drinks or Martini Shaker with Cockerel by James Dixon & Sons
H 8.5 in. x Diameter 3.75 in.
Inventory No: DD116
Large English Martini or Cocktail Shaker with Music Box
H 11.5 in. x W 8 in. x D 5 in.
Inventory No: DD390
Japanese Bronze Bonsai Planter from the Meiji Period
H 5.5 in. x W 13 in. x D 6 in.
Inventory No: Q2252
English Cocktail or Martini Shaker from the Art Deco Era by James Dixon & Sons
H 8.5 in. x W 7 in. x D 4.25 in.
Inventory No: DD120
English Art Deco Cocktail Shaker by Van Buren
H 8.5 in. x Diameter 3.5 in.
Inventory No: DD262
Six English Transfer-Ware Turkey Plates, Wild Turkey Flying by Johnson Brothers
H 1.13 in. x Diameter 10.75 in.
Inventory No: BB949
Six English Turkey Cups and Saucers, Wild Turkey Flying by Johnson Brothers
H 3 in. x Diameter 5.75 in.
Inventory No: BB949 (b)
English Silver Footed Tray or Salver with Seashell Motif
H 1.13 in. x Diameter 10.63 in.
Inventory No: V2233
Large English Silver Round Serving or Drinks Tray with Handles
H 1.38 in. x W 16.13 in. x D 12.13 in.
Inventory No: X0091
Large 19th c. English Imari Polychrome Charger with Gilt Accents by Copeland
H 1 in. x Diameter 17.5 in.
Inventory No: Q2261
Italian Champagne Service for Six from the Collezione Italia Navigazione
$3,895 / item
H 8.5 in. x W 14.5 in. x D 12.75 in.
Inventory No: CC721 (2)
Betjemann's Three-Bottle Tantalus with Original Hobnail Crystal Decanters
H 9.5 in. x W 9.5 in. x D 4.25 in.
Inventory No: CC567
Italian Champagne Bucket or Wine Cooler from the Collezione Italia Navigazione
$3,895 / item
H 9.38 in. x W 15 in. x D 9.13 in.
Inventory No: CC722
English Art Deco Silver Top Hat Champagne Bucket or Cooler by Mappin and Webb
H 7 in. x W 11.5 in. x D 10.5 in.
Inventory No: DD803
English Lectern or Book Stand of Brass
H 9 in. x W 11 in. x D 8 in.
Inventory No: DD619
Santa Claus Character Jug by Royal Doulton, England
H 7.5 in. x W 7.5 in. x D 5 in.
Inventory No: CCC (2)
Dutch Delft Vases by Jan Jansz, Van Der Kloot from the 19th Century
$2,495 / item
H 11.75 in. x W 5.75 in. x D 4.75 in.
Inventory No: DD168
Octagonal Faux Tortoise Lucite Tray from France (Diameter 18 1/2)
$1,995 / item
H 1 in. x W 18.5 in. x D 18.5 in.
Inventory No: CC704
Set of Six Belgian Garden Stone Mushrooms or Toadstools (Sold as a Set)
H 18 in. x Diameter 16 in.
Inventory No: DD341
English Garden Stone Urn Vases or Planter Pots in the Classical Style
H 17 in. x Diameter 11 in.
Inventory No: DD449
English Wine Compendium or Cellarette 'Wine Cooler' of Mahogany, c.1840
H 20 in. x W 28 in. x D 19 in.
Inventory No: DD400
Art Deco Wall-Mounted Train Luggage Rack or Shelf of Polished Aluminum
H 12.38 in. x W 36.25 in. x D 16.5 in.
Inventory No: DD159A
English Pub Sign, "Nag's Head"
H 40.5 in. x W 31.13 in. x D 1.75 in.
Inventory No: DD524 (2)
English Pub Sign, "The Fox & Hounds"
H 38 in. x W 34 in. x D 1.75 in.
Inventory No: DD501
English Pub Sign, "Free House, The Cask and Taverners"
H 36.5 in. x W 32.38 in. x D 1.75 in.
Inventory No: DD516
Raised Pebble-Pot Garden Planter or Urn with Embedded Stones from France
H 23 in. x Diameter 16 in.
Inventory No: CC606 (1)
Raised Pebble-Pot Garden Planter or Urn with Embedded Stones from France
H 22.75 in. x Diameter 20 in.
Inventory No: CC606 (2)
Art Deco Rolling Bar or Drinks Cart of Chrome and Mirrored Glass from England
H 28.5 in. x W 26.5 in. x D 18.5 in.
Inventory No: CC747A
Raised Pebble-Pot Garden Planter or Urn with Embedded Stones from, France
H 17.5 in. x Diameter 20 in.
Inventory No: CC606 (3)
English Garden Stone Urn on Plinth in the Neo-Classical Style
H 39 in. x Diameter 22 in.
Inventory No: CC171
Cotswold Studio Celtic Knot Garden Stone Square Planters or Pots from England
$2,895 / item
H 14 in. x W 16 in. x D 16 in.
Inventory No: CC686
Tunbridgeware Rectangular Box of Inlaid Wood from England
H 4.75 in. x W 10.5 in. x D 7.63 in.
Inventory No: DD715
Tunbridgeware Rectangular Box of Inlaid Wood from England
H 4 in. x W 9.13 in. x D 6 in.
Inventory No: DD311
Brass-Bound Wooden Wine Cooler or Bucket from England
H 11.25 in. x Diameter 12.25 in.
Inventory No: P0160
Large Metal-Bound Wooden Burgundy Wine Pitcher from France
H 14.5 in. x W 12.5 in. x D 14.5 in.
Inventory No: Z2059
English Garden Watering Can of Brass
H 10 in. x W 12 in. x D 4.5 in.
Inventory No: CC646
Large French Dog Sculpture on Pedestal Base
H 13.5 in. x W 33 in. x D 10 in.
Inventory No: CC701
English Lyre-Shaped Book Lectern or Music Stand of Brass
H 9.25 in. x W 11.25 in. x D 9.25 in.
Inventory No: DD410
French Armillary Sphere on Stand or Garden Ornament of Wrought Iron
H 23.5 in. x W 20 in. x D 12 in.
Inventory No: DD824
English Pond Yacht on Stand from the Edwardian Era (H 41 1/2 x W 33)
H 41.5 in. x W 33 in. x D 8 in.
Inventory No: T3160
Large English Spoked Cart or Wagon Wheel of Iron from the 19th Century (Dia 54)
H 6.75 in. x Diameter 54 in.
Inventory No: DD523
English Adjustable Lyre-Shaped Music Stand from the Edwardian Era
H 39.5 in. x W 16.25 in. x D 8.25 in.
Inventory No: DD611
Faux Bois Strawberry Planter Pot of Salt-Glazed Terra Cotta from England
H 21 in. x W 20 in. x D 19.5 in.
Inventory No: CC547A
French Oil on Canvas Painting - Still Life Entitled 'Le Casse-Croûte'
H 18 in. x W 22 in. x D .75 in.
Inventory No: Q2450
English Silver Oval Gallery Serving or Drinks Tray
H 2.5 in. x W 14.63 in. x D 10.13 in.
Inventory No: W1373
French Silver Vanity or Standing Table Mirror with Beveled Glass
H 15.88 in. x W 12 in. x D 7 in.
Inventory No: DD406
Large French Round Basket Container of Spiral-Work Cane with Lid
H 22.75 in. x Diameter 15.75 in.
Inventory No: DD568
Trio of Authentic Modernist Spindel Planters by Willy Guhl - Sold as a Set
H 37.5 in. x Diameter 21.13 in.
Inventory No: EE059
Large British Military Officer's Campaign Trunk of Brass-Bound Camphor
H 16.75 in. x W 37.5 in. x D 17.75 in.
Inventory No: BB014
English Pub Sign, "Worth Brewery - The Cricketer's Arms"
H 51.75 in. x W 35 in. x D 1.75 in.
Inventory No: DD524 (3)
Chaty Vallauris Gilt Metal Starburst or Sunburst Convex Mirror (Dia 39 1/4)
H 1.25 in. x Diameter 39.25 in.
Inventory No: DD158
Italian Putti or Cherub Garden Stools of Composition Stone - Four Available
$1,495 / item
H 19.5 in. x W 14 in. x D 13.25 in.
Inventory No: CC577
Large English Serving Ladle from Sheffield - Three Available
$275 / item
H 3 in. x W 10.5 in. x D 4 in.
Inventory No: AA126
English Round Gilt Framed Convex Mirror in the Regency Style (Diameter 13 3/4)
H 1.63 in. x Diameter 13.75 in.
Inventory No: DD662
French Silver Champagne or Wine Cooler with Grape Motif
H 9.5 in. x W 11.5 in. x D 7.5 in.
Inventory No: CC617
English Pierced Wine or Spirits Bottle Holder
H 7 in. x W 7 in. x D 5.75 in.
Inventory No: DD508 (b)
English Pierced Wine or Spirits Bottle Holder
H 7.5 in. x Diameter 6.25 in.
Inventory No: DD508
Art Nouveau Wine Bottle Holder by WMF
H 8.25 in. x W 7.75 in. x D 5.75 in.
Inventory No: EE695
English Barometer of Brass in Wood Housing
H 2 in. x W 4 in. x D 5.5 in.
Inventory No: EE644
English Pub Sign, "The Admiral"
H 47.75 in. x W 37.5 in. x D 1.75 in.
Inventory No: EE018
English Pub Sign, "The London Inn - St. Austell Ales"
H 40 in. x W 27.13 in. x D 1.75 in.
Inventory No: EE035
English Pub Sign, "Free House - The Lord Nelson"
H 46.25 in. x W 32.25 in. x D 1.75 in.
Inventory No: EE036
English Pub Sign, "Benskins (Puss in Boots)"
H 37.13 in. x W 31 in. x D 1.75 in.
Inventory No: DD522
English Pub Sign, "The Ship"
H 41.5 in. x W 32 in. x D 1.75 in.
Inventory No: DD459 (2)
English Garden Stone Octagonal Urn Planters 'Individually Priced'
$1,395 / item
H 9 in. x Diameter 11.5 in.
Inventory No: DD724
English Garden Stone Standing Lion Figural Statue
H 24 in. x W 29 in. x D 9.5 in.
Inventory No: DD160
Large Rectangular Garden Stone Trough or Planter from England
H 14.5 in. x W 26 in. x D 12 in.
Inventory No: EE910
English Garden Stone Greyhounds or Whippets - Individually Priced
$4,895 / item
H 12.5 in. x W 28.75 in. x D 8.75 in.
Inventory No: EE170
English Pub Sign, "The Anchor - Hall and Woodhouse"
H 44.63 in. x W 34.63 in. x D 1.5 in.
Inventory No: DD459 (3)
English Pub Sign, "Charrington - The Eagle Tavern"
H 44.75 in. x W 37 in. x D 1.75 in.
Inventory No: DD804
English Pub Sign, "Fountain Head"
H 49.63 in. x W 39.63 in. x D 1.75 in.
Inventory No: DD516 (2)
English Pub Sign, "Nag's Head"
H 45.13 in. x W 37.88 in. x D 1.5 in.
Inventory No: DD319
Abstract Free-Form Sculpture of Olive Wood from France
H 18.5 in. x W 25 in. x D 20 in.
Inventory No: EE750
Scottish Framed Landscape Marquetry Panel by A.H. McIntosh & Co. Ltd.
$1,895 / item
H 19.75 in. x W 28 in. x D 1.5 in.
Inventory No: EE698
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